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Enlarge your home

Maybe you’ve been  thinking that you need a larger home. But you don’t have the money to buy it or to add on to your own home.  Fortunately, there are a few handy tips and tricks that can make your home look larger and help give it a more comfortable feel.

And if  you’re selling your home, these tips can be especially handy for home staging, because they really make the home appear larger, which may help to  attract potential buyers.

  1. Use warm and light colors when painting your home. This can make rooms look larger and more inviting. A modern approach suggests painting three walls of a room in one light color and the  fourth wall in a slightly darker tint of the same color.
  2. Lighting is very important and can make the home look warmer and larger. Make sure windows allow lots of  sunlight in. Also have a plenty of artificial lighting in the rooms and configure the lights so they can brighten or dim whenever needed.
  3. Avoid too much furniture and heavy furniture. Beds that allow one to go under another  are perfect for the additional bedrooms in smaller houses. Tables with built in racks also work well in small homes.
  4. Accessories should be colored in light tones to make the home look brighter and larger. Curtains, carpets, furniture covers and decorative items should be light in color. Don’t fill a room with excessive pillows or knick-knacks, because these start to look like clutter.
  5. Reduce the look of chaos and have everything neatly stored. Items scattered randomly can make the home look very small and cluttered. Coziness and neatness are key to having an appealing home.
  6. Mirrors can add a magical look to your home and can make it seem far larger than it is. Most women are fans of mirrors because they add light and depth to a home, without adding space or additional electrical illumination. 

With these tips you can make your home look larger and more comfortable. However, if you have serious reasons for a larger home, such as a new baby coming soon or working from home and establishing an office space in it, you should consider selling your current home for buying a new larger one.

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