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Let the Jablon Team help evaluate your home!

Let the Jablon Team help evaluate your home!

Every homebuyer wants to know all the pros and cons of a house before buying it. Although it is a very subjective decision, and varies from one buyer to another, there are common things to consider when evaluating a house:

  1. The entrance of the home is a very important item, because it catches a visitor’s eye from the very first minute. It should be clean and appealing. However, it also should be very comfortable for the homeowner. When evaluating a house, think about how you will bring supermarket items into the house. It will be either the front door or kitchen door – in any case, the way to home should be smooth and safe. If it is not, you should think of ways to improve it in advance.
  2. The way furniture is situated in the house may significantly affect a home’s price. Sometimes homeowners pay a great deal of attention to the look of  the outside, but neglect to consider how best to set up the interior. If there is too much furniture in rooms, or the furniture is too big for its surroundings, the house may appear crowded. Homeowners should plan the look of rooms to make them appear large and comfortable; for example, be sure to put beds or other large pieces of furniture by or under windows.
  3. Landscaping  is very important: first, because it looks very nice and brings curb appeal to a home, second, because there may home owner association or town requirements for the yard to look tidy and clean. Of course, while  grass, flowers and trees are appealing, care and maintence of them can be expensive and / or time consuming. While the look of the lawn matters, also consider its size when you evaluate a home. The larger the lawn, the more it will cost to take care of it.
  4. The way that homes in a neighborhood are maintained is very important. Visiting the house  you like will give you an idea of what you’ll have to spend on regular basis for air conditioning.
  5. The way the house is cooled is extremely important. A look at the heating and electrical system’s main module for the manufacturer’s name and date of manufacture will give the buyer an idea on how reliable the system is and ow long it will last.
  6.  in a good condition, how much it will cost to maintain it and replace whenever it gets too old and worn out.
  7. If the buyer wants to bring in furniture, whether decorative or work related, into the newly purchased home, he will have to make sure that there is enough space for these in advance. When visiting a house, measure from corner to corner in each rooms to make sure that the house will perfectly fit all your belongings.

It is hard to find a house that ideally meets the  buyer’s taste and, at the same time, comes in at the buyer’s desired price. There might be things that the buyer definitely dislikes and wants to change in future. In such cases the buyer can point out the issues he notices to the homeowner and see if he will lower the price accordingly.

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