Three Ways To Turn Off a Boca Raton Buyer

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You’re ready to sell your Boca Raton home. You’ve hired the realtor, read through the checklist, and you’re sure you’re done everything right. But there are several no-nos that may turn off buyers to even the most beautiful of homes in Boca Raton (yours, for example).

 My nose does not smell a rose.

Perhaps you have a pet, as so many of us do. And you give your pet the run of your Boca Raton house. After all, he or she is a member of the family and someone that you love.

Like any loved one, pets emit a variety of aromas, and we get used to them. They’re a part of the daily essence of the house.  However, to a visitor who is not familiar with what may be common scents in your home, that animal odor is a total turn-off.

So clean up and deodorize all pet odors, or, if you can’t, use lots of subtle room spray and mask them with that old cliche, baking something with cinnamon in it.

Similarly, if you or someone in your household is a smoker, you may have to clean carpets and even paint rooms to get rid of that odor. Smoke odors turn off anyone who is a non-smoker.  If you’ve just moved in and you smoke, think long term. Someday you will sell that Boca Raton home. Smoke outside as often as you can. If you smoke indoors, open lots of windows.

 Don’t let them see your mess

Everybody has clutter. It’s part of living. However, no buyer in Boca Raton wants to see yours. So make sure you have cleaned out your closets, left ample space on the walls, and put away your knick-knacks. That way, the buyers in Boca Raton can start to imagine their own “stuff” taking up all that empty space.

Don’t overhype your Boca house.

It often happens that Boca Raton realtors, in their zeal to get buyers through the door, may advertise features of your home that are not quite exact. For example even though you’re on a distant canal, realtors may say you’re right off the intracoastal. But buyers can see where the house is located as they approach.

Or, maybe you’ve converted the garage into a 4th bedroom because your son or daughter moved back in with you after college. Tell your realtor to advertise your Boca home as the 3 bedroom home it really is. Because once buyers come in and see that they have to sacrifice the garage they were expecting to use for storage, because it showed in the photo, they will leave immediately.

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