Tips for selling your Boca Raton Home.

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Listing your Boca Raton home for sale is a big decision. But one you’ve made it, this is the sobering fact you need to keep in mind: within 30-45 days after the right buyers come in and meet your asking price, you will no longer be living in this house.

That means you have to start removing yourself from the house not only emotionally, but physically.  The way to do this is by gradually cleaning up your clutter.

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Put yourself in the buyers’ place, then get out of the way.

Remember your own experience when you bought? You walked around and talked to each other about where your furniture and your possessions would look best. Would the couch fit on this wall?  Would the painting your mom gave you look good hear this window? Buyers will ask each other similar questions.  So make it easy for them to find their own answers.

Where to start

You’ll want to start by putting away many of the items you have on display that are appealing and meaningful to you. For example, maybe you have dozens of small framed photos of friends and family that adorn flat surfaces of furniture or shelves, or you may have large numbers of small items we refer to as knick-knacks or tchotchkes  scattered around the living room and den.  Hard as it is, put most of them out of sight.

Leave space between pictures.

You may also want to clean up and sort through your pictures. If you have a wall full of paintings, or family photos, or decorative plates that are very close together, it’s a good idea to remove some and space them apart.

Remove furniture.

This goes for crowded rooms, too. If you’ve got too much furniture for the room, take some out. Let buyers see how much room there really is, and let them see where their possessions and furniture might fit.   

Reasons to declutter

Buyers are looking for a place to live and a place for all of their current possessions– or possessions that they expect have at some point in the near or distant future. So you need to give them sufficient room …room on the walls, room on the floors… for their imaginations to go to work.

 Help your home become their home

Remember, the buyers are in your home looking for reasons to purchase.  Make it as easy for them as you can. Clean up your clutter so that they can visualize where their own possessions will go. Make buyers feel so much at home that they want to become the home’s new owners.

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