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cute dog in pet friendly boca raton condo 11014When it’s time to sell your pet friendly Boca Raton condo, you should find yourself at a slight advantage in the resale market. Why?  Because even though there are hundreds of available condos,  relatively few  condominiums in Boca — especially luxury condos  in Boca Raton — can claim to be pet friendly.

Just as you probably had to work long and hard to find that perfect pet friendly condo in Boca, so will buyers who are headed down to find a Boca Raton home that will accommodate their pets comfortably.

So it’s up to you and to your Boca Raton real estate agent to make sure that all the information that mentions your Boca condo emphasizes that it’s pet friendly.  Not only do you want that marketing material to shout “Pet Friendly, luxury Boca Raton condo,” at the top of its lungs, you also want to make sure it tells buyers the weight limits for pets and the number of pets allowed.

So if you are among the fortunate few whose Boca condo allows up to three pets, let buyers know that quickly. If your pet friendly Boca Raton condo allows dogs of 50 pounds or more, make sure that fact is part of the story your Boca realtor tells in blogs, videos, and publicity releases.

Also, make sure your realtor takes videos and photos of your pets in and around the area of your condo in Boca. For those of us who enjoy our own pets, it’s always a pleasure to see other people’s at home and at play.

As a realtor who is a specialist in pet friendly condos in Boca Raton, I understand the importance of showing local buyers, as well as the frozen folks from up north, that there are perfect places for them and their pets right here in Boca Raton.

And if that place is yours and you’re ready to sell it, please call the pet friendly condo specialists in Boca Raton at the Jablon Team. We’ll make selling your pet friendly Boca Raton condominium our pet project.

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