How to sell your West Boca Raton home for the most money: 5 Outsider Tips

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How to sell your West Boca Raton home for the most money: 5 Outsider Tips

Wondering how to sell your West Boca home for the most money in today’s competitive real estate market? Here are 5 “Outsider” tips to help you accomplish that goal.

To paraphrase an old saying in the real estate business:  If your West Boca Raton home doesn’t look good on the outside, most buyers won’t stop to see the inside.

But if you follow these five home selling tips about the outside appearance of your property, eager buyers will always want to visit your home for sale in West Boca.

1. Curb Appeal: As  potential Boca Raton home buyers drive up to your home, the first things they see are your lawn and shrubbery. Make sure they’re neatly trimmed, that the lawn is mowed, and that weeds and old tree branches are removed. Weeds sprouting in your walkway?  Get rid of them. You may not even notice them, but weeds shout “neglect” to buyers.  If your outside décor is drab, consider some inexpensive but colorful flowers or plants. These small changes will make big improvements in your West Boca home’s curb appeal and help you to sell your West Boca Raton home for the most money.

2. Unclutter the front and back. Remove anything that doesn’t need to be out front such as trashcans, old lawn furniture, kids’ toys, or loose watering hoses. Nothing should look messy or out of place. The same applies to the court yard or the side and back yard areas. Clean up as much as you can. This shows buyers that you continue to care about your property, even though you are selling your West Boca home.

3. The power of power washing. Consider renting a power washer to give your Boca home a “new house” look. Clean the sidewalk, driveways, doorways and all walkways. And make sure your gutters are cleaned out, as well.

4. Pet poo-poo is a no-no.  Most of us love pets, but we hate to find what they leave behind. So once you list your West Boca home for sale, make  sure you pick up after your dog. If your buyers see or (heaven forbid) step in a pile of dog droppings, it’s a sure bet those buyers will  be turned off (because they’ll wonder if the inside of your home is any cleaner).

5. Does your front door say, “Welcome?” Take a good look at your front door. If it looks tired or worn, a fresh coat of paint (very inexpensive) will give a welcoming look to your home in West  Boca Raton.  New door hardware (also inexpensive) can brighten up a doorway and make a great impression. Clean off spider webs and wasp nests from doorways and around outside windows.  Make sure your entrance way looks fresh and inviting to buyers as they approach.

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