7 ways to avoid problems with a new home in West Boca Raton

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avoid problems with a new home in west boca raton

Searching for a new house in West Boca? Take a look at these suggestions on 7 ways to avoid problems with a new home in West Boca Raton. If you’re lucky you won’t need all of them, but you will want to follow number 1 and chances are you’ll encounter at least one item from numbers 2 through 7.

1. Hire a licensed inspection company
In order to fully check out the home for sale in West Boca Raton for problems of any kind, ask your West Boca Raton real estate agent to recommend a competent, licensed inspector.  Most homes have something that needs fixing, even if it’s very minor. Before you put down your final deposit, make sure you find out about these items.

2. Look for Leaks
This is Florida. That means water is all over the place. So check around the outside of the West Boca Raton home for sale.  Is there evidence of leaks around the window areas? Someone will need to fix this to prevent it from getting worse.

How about inside? If you see peeling paint or peeling wall paper around windows in this West Boca home, there’s a leak that’s probably coming from the outside. Now, look up.  Any discoloration on the ceiling?  That may be evidence of a leaking roof, and a new roof means big bucks to be spent.

Most important, use your nose. If the house in West Boca smells of mold or mildew, it may require extensive effort to remediate it.

3. Check the pipes, the wires, and the a/c
Check the water pressure in sinks and showers. Also, look under sinks to see what kind of piping is installed in the house. A number of West Boca Raton homes built during the late 1980s and early 1990s were fitted with plastic pipes made of polybutylene.  If you find these in a West Boca Raton home for sale, they may warrant replacement.

Take a look at the fuse box. Does any of the wiring appear burned, blackened or thinner than those around it? This may indicate the need for an electrical upgrade. If a home was built more than 40 years ago, your insurance company will ask for a full electrical inspection to make sure the fuse box is up to standards.

Yes, run the air conditioning system to make sure the house is cool. But more important, check the dates of the air handler (the part of the a/c that’s inside the house) and the condenser (the part that’s outside). If they are close to 10 years old, or even older, chances are good this West Boca Raton home for sale will need them replaced.

4. How’s the house holding up?
Get up close and personal with the the structure of the home in West Boca Raton that you’re thinking of purchasing. Look closely at the stucco on the outside of the house. If you see a large number of cracks, especially cracks that extend for a couple of feet or more, it could indicate that the structure of the house is deteriorating. Is the stucco around those areas soft or peeling away? That may be an indication of water intrusion.  It may extend into the house on the other side of the walls. This may need some fixing.

Are the gutters sagging? Is the wood (aka “fascia”) behind them discolored? This may indicate that the fascia is rotted, which means repairs will be necessary.

5. What’s happening next door?
Nobody wants to be the nosy neighbor after moving into a new home in West Boca. But beforehand, you’d better look around the neighborhood carefully.  After all, you’re making a very important decision about the next several years of your life.

Are the homes around well kept? Does it look like your neighbors mow their lawns and trim their hedges? When you drive around late at night, is the neighborhood relatively quiet?  Are yards and driveways neat and clean?   A well kept neighborhood always has a positive effect on your investment.

6. Verify home improvements.
You’ve decided that this home for sale in West Boca Raton looks good. It may have many upgrades you didn’t expect; for example, maybe it also has a fabulous TV viewing room with surround sound and recliners  built into the area that used to be the garage. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask the seller to verify that the upgrades to the home have been properly permitted by the city or town.

7. Check for liens against the home.
The owner hires the title company when a selling a home in West Boca Raton home. Nonetheless, you need ask the title agent to make sure there are no mechanic’s liens or tax liens of any kind against the property. You would be amazed at the number of people who have purchase a home only to discover that they owe several years of back taxes to the county, or that a contractor has a lien against the house because he was never paid for  repairs he made.

But if you keep your eyes open, and check all aspects of the house carefully, you should be able to avoid having any problems with a new home in West Boca Raton.

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