8 Low Cost Staging Strategies for Your Mission Bay Home for Sale

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Thinking about selling your home in Mission Bay? Here are 8 low cost staging strategies for your Mission Bay Home for sale. In order to expedite that sale, you want buyers to see your home not only as different from other homes for sale in West Boca Raton, but as more appealing. An easy way to give your home for sale in Mission Bay that extra oomph is to play up its benefits and play down any negatives.

Basically, you want your home for sale in Mission Bay to look as much like a model home as possible, and one that the buyers can imagine as their own for a lifetime.

Number 1. Clean up your clutter.  Consider getting rid of anything you haven’t looked at in the last 6 months. After all, when you move out of you Mission Bay home, everything in your house has to move with you. So if have junk lying around your home for sale in West Boca Raton, get rid of it. There are plenty of local organizations – Goodwill, Faith Farms, Vietman Vets – who will gladly take your unused clothing, furniture, knick-knacks, and distribute them to people in need. Make room in your garage for your car by cleaning out those old paint cans, tires, and stuff you moved in with and never managed to throw away. Now is the time.

If you decided to hire a professional home stagers, you may discover that they remove many pieces of furniture you thought were indispensable. If you’re an incurable pack rat, consider renting a storage unit while selling your Mission Bay home.

Number 2. Make small rooms look bigger. Interior decorators often paint a smaller room the same color as a larger, adjacent room. That way, the eye follows the color and creates an impression of greater space. So if your Mission Bay home for sale has a small kitchen that adjoins a large living room, use the same paint color to add greater dimension to the kitchen.

In addition, use curtains or window coverings that match wall coloring to make the room look larger. In addition, keeping curtains and blinds open and turning on lights enhances a room’s appearance as well as its apparent size.

Number 3. Paint rooms in light, neutral colors. If your daughter painted the room to look like a multi-hued Jackson Pollack mural, for example (as mine did), repaint in any of these colors: beige, light tan, any shade very light green, light blue, or white.  The lighter the shade, the larger the room will appear. Flat colors will help to avoid glare on the walls, but that will accent any flaws. If the walls in your home for sale in Mission Bay are slightly uneven in texture, consider using a semi-gloss paint to even out the look and improve the room’s appearance.

Number 4. Memories and mementos must move out before you do. Remember, you’re selling your Mission Bay home to someone else. That means their stuff will be coming in and yours will be moving out. In order to help buyers look at your old home as their new home, you want to give them plenty of room to use their imagination. The more you have on shelves or walls  about your family trips, photos of family members, degrees and diplomas, the less appeal there is to buyers.

They need to be able to envision their lives and possessions and precious memories in their home in Mission Bay. So, since you’re going to be moving anyway, take down most of your photos, etc. The buyers will thank you for that by making an offer for your house in Mission Bay.

Number 5. Clean the kitchen.

As everyone knows, the kitchen sells the house. Second comes the bathrooms. So if your Mission Bay home in West Boca Raton is for sale, first clean your kitchen. Remove the shelves so you can scrub the inside of the refrigerator and the freezer. Then clean the shelves. Clean the stove top and the oven. Take everything off the counters. Vacuum and wash the floors. Clear all that stuff you’ve managed to accumulate out from under the kitchen sink.  This shows the buyer that your Mission Bay home for sale has been well cared for, which makes it much more attractive as a potential purchase.

Number 6. Clean the bathrooms.

Clean the mold and mildew off the walls and floors of tubs and showers. Remove everything from bathroom counters. Clean the faucets and around the drain. Sure, buyers do all the things that you do and in the same places. They can make their own, personal mess later. But while your West Boca Raton home in Mission Bay is for sale, let buyers see it in pristine condition.

Number 7. Buy deodorant for Fido.

While almost everybody loves pets, almost nobody likes the smell of pets in carpets and draperies. Ask some friends to visit your Mission Bay home for sale in West Boca Raton and to sniff around to their heart’s content. If they tell you the place needs help, consider calling a professional carpet cleaning service.

If no one can detect your pet’s presence, it means you’ve kept the house in very good shape. Nonetheless, be prepared to vacuum your carpets and floors every day, just to maintain that model home look.

Number 8. Make sure the outside of your house says, “Welcome home.”

If your West Boca home for sale in Mission Bay does not have what is commonly known as “curb appeal,” buyers are unlikely to knock on the door in order to see the wonderful way in which you’ve prepared the home for sale for them.

So make sure the outside of your home says, “Welcome.” Make sure the grass is neatly cut, that your hedges are trimmed, and that your mulch is up to date. More important, check the area around your front door.  If it needs painting, paint it. If there are cracks in the stucco or the walkway, fill them in. If the roof needs cleaning, power wash it.  If your windows need cleaning, grab that squeegee.

None of these staging ideas is expensive. But all of them will make your Mission Bay home more appealing to buyers, so you can sell your home more quickly and for a higher price.

If you’re thinking about selling your Mission Bay home, or you know anyone who’s thinking about selling a home in West Boca Raton, please call the Jablon Team at      561-213-6139.

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