5 ways to sell your home in Boca Falls home faster – and for the best price

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20140912_0903085 ways to sell your home in Boca Falls home faster – and for the best price


Ok. You’ve wanted to sell your home in Boca Falls for a while. But that transition, from a big Boca home with 4 or 5 bedrooms to a 2/2 Boca Raton condo on the Intracoastal is daunting. What do you do with all the extra furniture? Where do all the precious mementos go?

We’ll get to that, I promise. But first, let’s talk about the process of selling your home in Boca Falls.

Investigate the value of your Boca Raton home

You know that your Boca Falls home is special. After all, you’ve lived in it and loved it for many years. Unfortunately, too many people put that sentiment into their pricing decision and price above true market value. But to new home buyers, your lovely home is a commodity, albeit a very attractive one, in a tight, but still competitive market.

So, the first thing to do is to check readily available sources of comparative pricing. Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com, for example, all of which are easily accessible, will show recent sales of homes in Boca Raton and help you to come up with a comfortable approximation of your home’s value.

Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised by the comparable values of similar Boca homes. However, sometimes, because of your own feelings for the home, you will not want to accept reality; and that’s when your realtor steps in.

Call a professional for a personal evaluation.

Once you’re ready to list your Boca Falls home for sale, call your favorite West Boca Raton real estate agent. Yes, you know your home inside and out, but neighborhood realtors have the advantage of visiting dozens of similar homes.

Keep in mind that your realtor wants to get you the best price for several reasons. You’d think that the overriding reason is commission. The higher the price, the more you make and the more your realtor earns.

But far more important than that, when your realtor does a good job for you, you will probably recommend that agent to friends and family.

Sometimes, depending upon the demand for your home, your realtor may be able to create a competition between eager buyers by asking them all to bring their highest and best offer. If that occurs, you have the opportunity to choose the offer that works best for you.


Think about a change in perspective.

You have a certain way of looking at your home, that’s why your furniture is placed where it is and that’s why the paint colors are the ones you have chosen.

However, your agent’s concern is to find a buyer who will purchase your home at the highest possible price.

As a result, your agent may make suggestions on staging your home. For example, pieces of furniture might need to be moved –or maybe even removed– to make the home appear more spacious; or, wall space and closet space may need some adjustment, so that buyers will have the opportunity to imagine how their possessions will fit into the house.

Your agent could also advise on cosmetic repairs that you may – and often, may not – need to make. Because of your realtor’s experience in pricing and selling other Boca homes, they will be able to give you the benefit of their experience. That way, working together, you’ll be able to compute the perfect listing value of your home in Boca Falls. So you can sell faster and for the best price.

Put your emotions (and extraneous stuff) aside

Sure, you and your family have spent many happy years in your home in Boca Falls. There are photos on the walls, scrapes in the paint, and stains on the carpet that commemorate years of joy. All of these items are part of every home. But now you have to let them go.

Take down most or all of the photos. Repair and repaint the scrapes and obvious nicks. Clean the carpets.

Hard as it is to do, start to think of your home in Boca Falls without the furniture and without you in it. The more you separate yourself, the easier it will be to sell and move to your next home.

In fact, consider giving away – or throwing away –the extraneous items you haven’t touched in the last couple of years. After all, you’ve decided to downsize, so those items won’t fit into your new home.

Lack of clutter will help perspective purchasers to visualize how and where their possessions will fit into the house.

Relax, Count to 5, and get it sold.

1. Do the research so you have a sense of the market

2. Hire a professional to help you sell quickly and for the best price,

3. Start moving away mentally and physically

4. Move some furniture and a few photos.

5. Now relax, let your realtor work, and you’re on your way to selling your home in Boca Falls quickly and for the best price.

Marc Jablon, the Jablon Team

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