5 Reasons Why You May Need a Buyer’s Agent

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Thinking about buying a new home? Here are 5 reasons why you may need a buyer’s agent.

Just about everyone knows that attempting to sell property without the help of a Realtor can be a risky endeavor. Unless you’re a seasoned investor or a lawyer with experience in property law, the intricacies of a real estate transaction can be more than a little overwhelming, to say the least. But when you’re ready to purchase, the need for professional assistance may not be quite as obvious.

But before you start shopping for your next home, please take a few minutes to read this article and understand precisely why you may want to have a buyer’s agent – who is committed to representing you – on your side.

  1. They Help You Find New Listings First

In an active real estate environment, searching for your ideal dream home can be a bit of a challenge. Sure, new listings are hitting the market every single day, but in most cases, the best properties are the ones that will have eager buyers ready to take a tour within a matter of hours. If you’re not quick to the draw in finding great homes as soon as they’re listed, you’re probably going to miss out.

When you’re working with a buyer’s agent, they can keep you up-to-date on the hottest new homes for sale as soon as they’re listed, allowing you to get the inside scoop before other buyers who are relying on public online platforms for their search.

  1. The Seller Has Representation – You Should Too

Yes, you can call the listing agent of a property that appeals to you.  However…

The listing agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller – their client – to get them the best deal possible. And while there are regulations in place to ensure that you are treated honestly and fairly, you should be aware that their loyalty (and that is one of the regulations) lies with the owner of the property that they’re trying to sell.

By approaching a deal with a buyer’s agent on your side, you can feel confident in knowing that you have someone in your corner who is truly working with your best interests in mind.

  1. Want a Great Deal? Consult a Professional

Buying a home is a complicated process, one that most people do just a handful of times throughout their lives. When you add in the fact that housing markets are dynamic – they’re constantly changing – it means that the average person is going to have a difficult time identifying the truly great deals.

Real estate professionals, on the other hand, work with local properties day-in and day-out, and are some of the most knowledgeable experts when it comes to homes in their area and how current trends are affecting the community. They may also have some insight on what to expect in the near-to-mid future, especially when it comes to determining which areas are likely to see homes appreciate in value over the coming years.

  1. Time Is Valuable – Don’t Waste It

Finding your next home really is a big deal; it is often the largest financial transaction in most people’s lives. So you will want to thoroughly examine your wants and needs before you pick out a place to live and the home you’ll live in. This can take a great deal of time if you do it alone, or it can take a lot less time if you get some help.

And that’s the job of your buyer’s agent. They’re able to leverage their expertise to make your home buying process as streamlined as possible. Their job is to help simplify your search process. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, your agent, contacts sellers to schedule showings, and helps you to negotiate the best deal on your purchase.

  1. It Doesn’t Cost a Thing

Best of all – and something that many first-time or infrequent home buyers may not realize – is that working with a buyer’s agent is almost always free of charge. This is because even though they are representing you in the purchase, they are still being paid by the seller.

When a listing agent takes on a property, they negotiate the commission rate directly from the home’s owner. If they’re the only agent involved in the transaction – or, in other words, if you call them directly to see a listing – they keep the entire amount.  But if you have your own Realtor representing your interests in the deal, that commission is split between the two agents.

In the end, that means you’re gaining all of the benefits of having an experienced professional on your side without it costing you anything.

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