Return of the Annual Tax Free Weekend

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If the joys of summer had your kids forgetting about school, the return of the annual tax free weekend will help them to remember that it starts on Wednesday, August 15th.

As a parent, you know how hectic mornings are about to become once again. For those of you commuting,get set for the annual early school days tie-ups and  delays as we  all adjust to the start of the school year.

It’s a big help for retailers

Regardless of our age or school status, we can all take  some advantage of  is the tax free weekend that is fast approaching. Most states offer a weekend, some an entire week of tax free shopping for certain items. This type of incentive is provided to help retailers during the slow sales months and is usually held around the time that “Back to School” preparations begin.

And there some great sales out there 

In Florida, the weekend of August 5th-7th is considered a tax free weekend for school supplies and  clothing–with stipulations. (see below) So if you need to shop, go for it! Retailers typically have great sales on top of the tax free incentive.  But if you are uncomfortable shopping when there are big crowds, this is not the time to frequent shopping plazas or the mall.

Each year, items and amount deemed to be tax free change based on what our Florida legislators consider appropriate. Personal computers and computer accessories are not subject to the Florida Sales Tax Holiday. Also, book purchases remain taxable.

For 2016, Tax Free Item Stipulations are as follows:

  • Clothing (garments and accessories) up to $60 for each item will be tax free.
  • Shoes up to $60 per pair will be tax free.
  • School Supplies (pens pencils, erasers, rulers, and glue) up to $15 each will be tax free.

The garments and accessories that are included under ‘clothing’ vary tremendously. Aprons, purses, ski suits (very popular for South Floridians), swim suits, tuxedos and suits are all part of the tax exempt clothing items.

Florida Sales Tax Holiday 2016 has specific details of what is exempt verses non exempt  as well as all the fine print for those of you questioning specific items or rules.

Internet Orders for Clothing, Shoes and School Supplies should also be tax free. Remember to check with each online retailer to ensure you don’t get charged for taxes.

Also a reminder for those saving enthusiasts: that coupons and by-one-get-one-free (aka BOGOs) items should still apply so take full advantage of the retailer deals regardless of your age.  After all, we are all students of some kind!

Stay tuned for next year.  Here is wishing the Florida legislators add computers back to the tax exempt items for 2017! Happy shopping everyone.

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