The Hospitality Program at Boca Raton’s Florida Atlantic University Ranks in the Nation’s Top 3

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In the latest ranking of Hospitality Management programs in the United States found on The Best Schools website, Boca Raton’s very own Florida Atlantic University Hospitality & Tourism Management Program ranked No. 30 among the Top 30 programs in the country.

On that list it joins the ranks of such prestigious schools as New York University, Purdue, and Cornell.  One of the many reasons prospective students are drawn to FAU and its Hospitality program is Boca Raton’s prime location. The city houses a wide variety of companies that make up the industry as a whole.

Location plus pragmatism equals qualified personnel

In fact, the attraction of FAU for students is not only the school’s physical location, but its unique focus on equipping students with business and industry fundamentals, along with practical experience.

However, what really sets the Hospitality & Tourism Management Program apart from its peers is that its graduates get jobs. FAU serves as one of the the largest funnels of qualified candidates for management roles in Florida’s bustling market for country club, tourist, and restaurant vacation trade.

Business study builds hospitality success

FAU’s Hospitality program is one of the many disciplines that falls under its business school umbrella.  As a result, hospitality students are required to take the same core classes as those majoring in accounting, finance, budgeting, business ethics and organization.

Students who specialize in hospitality also take additional core classes to help them attain a clearer understanding of the many different roles available within that field. Those courses include:

●      Hospitality Law

●      Hospitality Marketing

●      Revenue Management Practices

●      Hotel & Resort Management

●      HR Management for the Hospitality Industry

●      Guest Services Management

●      Performance Analysis for Hospitality Management

●      Meetings and Events Management

●      Principles of Food and Beverage Management

●      International Experience in Hospitality Management

Customer-centric approach

Among the many skills learned by hospitality students at FAU is an emphasis on using a customer centered approach to handling any complaints that may arise.  In addition, the program focuses heavily on helping students develop creative and critical thinking skills.

These attributes help them to think on their feet so they can analyze and respond to data ebbs and flows. In addition, there is a focus on on effective writing and public speaking. The result is a well rounded graduate who is prepared for most situations that are likely to arise in the hospitality workplace.

Connecting Classroom and the Workforce

From the outset, every hospitality student is assigned a mentor. That mentor, just like the professor or instructor of every course, works within the management or executive ranks of the hospitality field.

Additionally, FAU offers what is known as the “Adopt a Class” program. This unique model, created through a sponsorship agreement between the university and corporations, offers a number of classes that are co-taught by industry executives.

Both of these initiatives build a bridge between the more formal instruction in the classroom and the more practical expertise that comes with the day-to-day roles within the hospitality industry.

Students graduate with at least 2 languages

As students progress in the program and inch closer to graduation, they have two major requirements to meet. One, they must show they have worked at least 1,000 hours within the hospitality sector. Two, they must demonstrate proficiency not only in English, but in an additional language.

This linguistic skill is vital for those who choose to enroll in the school’s International Experience Hospitality Management course. Here, students select an industry leader outside of the US and work for them in order to further their practical knowledge of the field.

Good Career Prospects for Graduates

Among the many attractions of the FAU Hospitality Program are its multi-ethnic profile, diversified terrain, year-round nice weather, amusement opportunities, and proximity to exotic locales. Students who graduate from FAU’s Hospitality Program typically go on to enjoy any number of different roles within the tourist, recreation, or entertainment industries.

These may include careers in hotel, campground or hostel management.  Other popular areas for graduates include:

●      event planning

●      tour operation

●      cruise lines

●      theme parks

●      travel agencies

●      casinos

●      airlines

●      charter bus companies

●      commuter train companies

Current base salaries for those entering careers in the field averaged $46,880, not including bonuses.  In terms of the future outlook for those entering the hospitality field, recent projections are positive. Statistics indicate that the industry is expected to grow an estimated 8% between now and 2020, especially in cities like Boca Raton, which are traditionally thought of as resort areas.


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