On Tap: Boca’s First (but probably not last) Nanobrewery

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Prosperity Brewers, Boca Raton’s first (but probably not last) nanobrewery is slated to open sometime in 2017, in the Roc Urban Community Spaces in the trendy, artsy Boca Water Tower design district  in East Boca Raton (near First Avenue Way in Downtown). According to the Brewers Association, a nanobrewery differs from a micro or craft brewery in this manner: the nano creates its own beer on the smallest of scales, producing four barrels or less at any given time. Prosperity Brewing, though, will have only one barrel available at a time, which is likely to rocket up its exclusivity for beer connoisseurs.

Craft Beer Offerings

In preparation for opening day of Prosperity Brewers, owners Ken Gross and Dominick Peri are counting on the talents of Master Brewer Cameron Donisi. He has been tasked with helping to create the different brews that will spout from the 15 different taps that are planned. A veteran of the South Florida brewery scene, Donisi previously served as Taproom Manager at Pompano’s Bangin’ Banjo Brewing Co. He home brew background is also solidified by the years he spent working at Coconut Creek’s World of Beer and at Inkwell Pub in Margate. Although Prosperity Brewers isn’t slated to open for another few months, Donisi is already brewing with ideas. Currently he and the owners have created a dozen or so selections that will be ready for pouring in-house. They’re actively looking to grow their offerings by equipping Prosperity Brewers with an aging system as well. Among their current unique brews there are a number of much-sought-after offerings such as:

● IPA, as well as double IPA

● English mild

● Wit


● Saison

Creating connections in a small space

Of the 2,400 sq.ft. that Prosperity Brewers has rented in a warehouse space in the Water Tower District, 900 feet will be allocated to house an intimate beer tasting room and lounge area. A much smaller area will be used to display its modest brewing equipment.

Using their remaining square footage, Boca Raton’s Prosperity Brewers will take a page out the Miami’s Master Brewer Academy’s play book. The Academy creates connections so that its students are able to devise interesting concoctions in many different breweries throughout South Florida.

Experiment now. Grow later.

In that same vein, Gross and Peri want to blend casual brew tasting with local experimentation. They hope that local, at-home craft brewers will come in, share their experience as well as their creations, and receive feedback from others. The owners envision becoming a popular and sociable community gathering place for Boca Raton’s craft beer enthusiasts to swap recipes and ideas. So, at the moment, Gross and Peri’s main concern is to create a desirable place for people to discover new tastes and develop a stronger appreciation for craft beers. With its focus on delivering a quality product in limited quantities, the owners indicate that the public should not expect see Prosperity Brewer products on grocery store shelves any time in the near future.

Keep customers on the tip of their taste buds

Instead, they intend to start small and concentrate on the creation of different and unique flavor profiles. They are hopeful that a random rotation of their selections will keep customers consistently hopeful and constantly guessing as to what products and what new tastes will be available. This is similar to the very successful strategy employed by other local craft breweries like Fort Lauderdale’s LauderAle and Boynton Beach’s Devour Brewing Co.

Think Starbucks with a foamier head.

That’s not to say that Prosperity Brewers don’t expect to expand in the future. But first,they have to get started, create unique flavor combinations, and create a loyal audience that always and enthusiastically comes back for more.

If you think about it, that goal is not so different than the initial aspirations some coffee entrepreneurs made when they took a chance with the indie coffee drinker scene a few decades ago. Like these brewers, they installed their stores in a small and sparse spaces that emphasized a communal vibe. They generated a following for their hipster caffeine bars by revolutionizing the way we thought about coffee. Boca Raton’s very own Prosperity Brewers is looking to rewire our thought processes for beer in the very same manner.

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