Where to Find the Best Cup of Coffee in Boca Raton

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Boca is blessed with a plentitude of cafes and coffee shops with a variety of styles and atmospheres. While you can find a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts without even trying, give one of these independent shops a chance the next time you’re in the mood for a jolt of java.

The Seed Boca

Founders Monique and Carly combined their love of coffee and juice to form A Squeeze & Drip Company, bringing specialty coffee and juices to Boca Raton. With ethically sourced, locally roasted coffee beans and organic, cold pressed juices, the Seed Boca is an excellent choice any time of day.

The shop, in East Boca on W Palmetto Park Road, is modern and intimate with limited seating. In addition to the hand-crafted espresso drinks, juices, and iced coffees, the menu has a variety of food choices including vegan and organic options. Try the sweet or savory empanadas or acai bowls. And as summer approaches, consider a nitro cold brew iced coffee to take the edge off of the heat.

Tulipe Cafe

This Parisian-themed cafe serves up no-frills, high-quality espresso drinks and authentic French pastries. While the location is in a shopping center, sharing space with a fitness center and yoga studio, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported across the Atlantic once you step inside.

The decor is simple and elegant, keeping the focus on the delicate food and flavorful coffee. Try the Nutella crepes for a taste of Europe. If you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy a pastry and a coffee without dealing with the typical student/work crowd you find in many coffee shops, Tulipe Cafe is a great choice.

Dolce Cafe

Located at the center of an office park in East Boca, Dolce Cafe offers excellent coffee, service, and food. The menu is somewhat limited, but their cappuccinos are smooth and tasty. For a healthy and delicious lunch, try the cobb salad. Or if you’re in the mood for a hot lunch, order one of their delectable paninis. All the ingredients are fresh and the food is made to order. And if you don’t mind enjoying a few extra, but very delicious calories, you’ll want to try the freshly baked cookies.

Monet Cafe

Another French bistro, Monet Cafe’s interior lives up to its name with a consistent Monet theme. The coffee is traditional and excellent, and the food is delightful as well. The crepes make an excellent choice, but almost every patron recommends the French onion soup, which may constitute a meal all by itself.

The cafe is not open for breakfast, so it won’t be your go-to spot for a morning cup of coffee. However, it does make a wonderful choice for a quiet and old-world lunch. The indoor and outdoor dining spaces are somewhat small, so always expect an enthusiastic crowd.


For a more modern, yet vintage vibe, stop by Subculture in Delray Beach. They roast coffee daily onsite for a fresh and bold tasting experience. Fans rave about the coconut latte and the cold brew.

Be sure to take advantage of the outdoor seating. You’ll have the choice of people watching on the front patio or a more private experience on the secluded back patio.

Nordstrom ebar

You probably don’t think of the mall when you’re looking for a superb cup of coffee. If you find yourself shopping at Town Center, however, you might want to stop in at the Nordstrom ebar. The friendly baristas can whip up an excellent latte, and many consider their iced coffee the best in town.

The baked goods also hit the spot if you’re in the mood for a snack. In fact, if you don’t mind the the search for parking, consider stopping by for a quick cup even if you aren’t planning on doing any shopping.

Coffee District

Another Delray Beach entry, Coffee District creates a modern and minimal environment. It offers beer and wine in addition to its wide selection handcrafted espresso drinks. It also serves food, including salads and hummus plates.  Coffee District features live music, karaoke, and the occasional poker tournament, making it a fantastic choice for an evening destination.

The Little Coffee Shoppe (Coral Springs)

If you find yourself in Coral Springs, keep an eye out for this inconspicuous but delightful cafe in a shopping center off of Wiles. Just don’t miss it. And keep in mind that the name is quite literal. The shop has only two small tables inside for patrons, but it is worth a short wait or an order to go.

The Brazilian coffee is bold, and the iced coffee is cold (and sweet if you get it with slightly sweetened milk). The avocado toast makes an excellent snack for two, and the menu offers a variety of salads and sandwiches. If you’re looking for a full lunch, definitely try the Venezuelan fried empanadas made with white corn and stuffed with shredded beef, cheese, or chicken. Or give the grilled cheese a try.


From bustling, energetic cafes for studying to quiet, quaint bistros for a lunch meeting, Boca Raton offers plenty of options for finding the exact cup of coffee you’re craving. Whether you are a longtime Boca native or a recent transplant, there is always something new to explore.

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