Strengthen the Curb Appeal of Your South Florida House this Summer

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Does the front of your home look like it could be the setting of a Stephen King novel? If children rush past your yard while exchanging fearful whispers, it might be time to review your curb appeal.

With summer coming soon, it’s a great opportunity to get your home ready for the market. Try these tips to ensure potential buyers are in love with your property before they even open the front door.

Keep the lawn alive

Not just alive, but thriving. A green, lush lawn can do wonders to increase the perceived value of your home. It tells potential buyers that you care about upkeep and maintenance. It also tells them that they aren’t walking into a headache. A patchy mess of a front yard can take a lot of effort to rehabilitate, and most buyers would prefer to enjoy their yard rather than spend time trying to make it presentable.

If your yard is already in bad shape, you have a few options for a makeover. You can bring a neglected yard back to life by treating it well with fertilizer, weed killer, and water, but it will take time. If you’re putting your house on the market soon, you might consider starting with a blank slate and bringing in new sod.

Don’t forget the back yard in the process, either. While it isn’t exactly curb appeal, an inviting back yard with attractive landscaping can create an oasis where potential buyers envision themselves relaxing on the weekend.

Spruce up the porch

If the back yard doesn’t provide comfort (or even if it does), the front porch can present a welcoming environment for homeowners. Residents in South Florida want to take advantage of the amazing weather we have year round.

Outdoor seating on a clean, thoughtfully designed porch can increase your home’s usable space for entertaining or relaxing.

Replace or rehab your porch railings to give it a fresh feel. Also make sure your welcome mat is actually welcoming. For a truly inviting porch, consider installing tile or painting a design at the door step to create a permanent and unique welcome mat.

Add or rehab outdoor lighting

You’ve probably heard how much lighting can change our perception of a room. Proper lighting can make a space feel more welcoming and spacious. Lighting can make a huge difference outside the home as well.

Educated buyers know to look at a potential house at different times of the day to see how they feel about it. When they drive by your house in the evening, will they find a dark and gloomy house? If so, you could lose a buyer or get a lower offer than you expected.

To avoid that loss, try adding landscape lighting or update your outdoor lighting fixtures. Solar fixtures are a great fit when you don’t want to deal with any changes in wiring. If nothing else, be sure that all the bulbs are working properly and replace those that aren’t.

Create symmetry

We love symmetry. Just look at a snowflake or a celebrity face. How can you apply this concept to the front of your home to create an appealing look as well?

Use symmetry with your fixtures or the accent pieces around your front door. The great part is that balancing with symmetry is actually easier than trying to create an off-center impression. All it takes is a little doubling up and measuring to achieve a simple but effective look.

Add some greenery and color

You can pour heaps of time and money into your front-yard landscaping. But if you want a simple and practical way to add to your curb appeal, create a container garden or install some window boxes.

Both of these options help you add color to the front of your house without worrying about digging up flowerbeds or waiting for shrubs or trees to take root.


We know that curb appeal is a significant factor in how quickly your home sells and how much you get for it. Before the summer selling season is here, take a few steps to present your home in the best possible light. For more advice on how to sell your home in the Boca Raton area, contact the Jablon Team today.


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