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With our stunning beaches, beautiful parks, and miles of walkways and bike paths, there are lots of activities to keep you busy outside in Boca Raton.

But what about the occasional rainy days? Or the times when you need a break from the sun?

If you’re looking for a new experience, one that will challenge your wits and bring you closer together with your friends, family, or coworkers, you should try an escape room.

What is an escape room?

Escape the Room (ETR) games are based on a type of digital puzzle where participants explore a room to find clues that enable them to escape. The live version (also known as Puzzle Hunts or Escape Games) is an interactive experience that combines theater and gameplay.

For most ETR games, the creators present you with a scenario. You might be stuck on a train, locked in a cabin, or trying to solve some sort of crime. The best locations offer a truly immersive experience that makes you feel like you are a part of a mystery novel or TV show.

The clock is ticking.

The game part comes in through puzzles and clues throughout the room (or rooms, as one often leads to another). You will generally have one hour to find clues and use logical reasoning and critical thinking to unlock other clues.

For example, you might have to find a series of numbers to unlock a combination lock or decode a message to enter the correct name into a keypad. Eventually, these will lead to the final lock or solving the mystery.

Often, the game makers will observe video closed-channel video or communicate with you through walkie-talkies. They will provide extra clues or advice if you need them to escape the room. If you do, then you (and your team) has beaten the game.

And if you don’t, no worries. They will still let you out.

Test your skills under pressure.

In some ways, it’s like being in a live-action video game (without the violence). If you enjoy a good mystery or puzzle, it’s a fantastic way to test your skills under pressure.

Many companies use ETR games as a team-building exercise, so they are great for corporate retreats. They do not require any special skills or physical abilities, but they do emphasize teamwork and problem solving.

Escape rooms are also a new experience to share with your family. They can be a wonderful alternative to video games or less interactive entertainment. While most venues do not have age restrictions, the clues require reading and critical thinking, so the appeal will likely be greater for children who are ten and above .

You should also double check that the theme is appropriate for all ages. Some can be intense or include elements that are more appropriate for adults.

Many venues can also be booked for special events or parties.

Best escape rooms in Boca

Escape the Room games have made their way to the United States in the last few years, and now Boca has several excellent options for you to try this immersive entertainment. They are all within a few miles of each other on the east side of town, so they are a great place to take a break from the beach.

Adventure Vault

Located at 3350 NW 2nd Ave, Adventure Vault provides three rooms for participants with groups from six to eight. They can also accommodate larger groups.

The staff is very friendly, and the games are designed well. Their current experiences include Mystery of Sherlock, Prison Redemption, and Death and Breakfast.

The cost is $28 per person, but you can get a 20% discount if you book an entire room.

The Master Escape Room

With three different escape scenarios, the Master Escape Room is another great place to get the ETR experience. They currently feature The Egyptian Tomb Escape, Bank Robbery Escape, and Crime Scene.

Each experience lasts up to an hour with groups from six to eight people. They feature excellent props, hidden rooms, and challenging puzzles.

Each ticket is $28. You can also purchase gift cards for an excellent “experience gift.” The Master Escape Room is at 1700 N Dixie Hwy.


Taking pride in their immersive and thoughtful experience, Try-N-Escape offers three different challenges: Hang ‘em High, Monkey See, and Sarah’s Got a Secret. They are known for their attention to detail and challenging rooms.

Some of the themes (like Sarah’s Got a Secret) are a bit darker, but none is really scary.

Groups from two to ten can try out the rooms for $30 per person. They do offer promotions on a regular basis though. They also offer gift vouchers.

You can find Try-N-Escape at 3350 NW 2nd Avenue near Adventure Vault.


With only two rooms, Qroomescape is the smallest venue in the bunch. The rooms are not quite as immersive as some of the other locations, but visitors often appreciate the challenges.

The two themes are currently The Mind Eraser and The Motel, which can take groups of eight and ten, respectively. Tickets are $28 each, and the venue is at 4770 A NW 2nd Ave.


Accepting the challenge of an escape room is not your typical date night or family night out. It is a memorable way to spend an hour and give your brain some exercise. They are a fun way to build some group cohesion and create a memory.

Be careful, though. Many first-time ETR participants get hooked and immediately start looking for the next adventure.

If you’ve tried any of Boca Raton’s escape rooms, I would love to hear how they compare to others in the area. Leave a comment below to let me know about your experience.


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