3 Reasons to Visit the West Boca Library

If you or your children or your grandchildren enjoy books, movies, or having stories read to you, then you’ve just found at least 3 reasons to visit the West Boca Library. Read on to see some more.

By the way, if you’ve been looking at homes in west Boca Raton,  you’ve probably been checking out some of the many amenities in the area.  Chances are you’ve driven past the West Boca Raton Library, which is a full-service branch of the Palm Beach County Library System.

Find your favorites in different formats

Sure, you can find plenty of information online these days. You can even locate your favorite books in myriad different formats (ebooks, audiobooks, Kindles, and old-fashioned hardcover). But so much of this information is impersonal, and you can spend hours looking for an answer to a simple question.

This is especially true when it comes to technology. You might have the world’s knowledge at your fingertips with your new tablet or e-reader, but that doesn’t amount to much if you can’t access it. Or if you don’t know where to look.

Guess what? Librarians are experts at finding information. And they know about many of the newer technologies that can help you access that information.

Private Sessions with a Librarian

At the West Boca Branch, you can actually “Book-A-Librarian.” This appointment gives you a thirty minute session with an expert in e-readers, research, and technology training.

Maybe you need to know how to check out ebooks on your Kindle (yes, you can check out ebooks!). Or maybe you like to listen to audiobooks when you’re out walking or jogging. Did you know that you can check those out too and listen from your phone?

A private session with a librarian can get you up and running without all the hassle of figuring it out for yourself. And the best part is that they actually enjoy sharing this knowledge.

Discuss Books, Learn Something New, and Meet New People

This is more than one reason, obviously, but it is all around the same idea: library activities. Public libraries are not just a place to find books, surf the internet, or escape the heat. (Although, they are great for that too.)

The public library can be a community hub, one where like-minded individuals, people who appreciate reading and learning, can get together and explore new ideas.

If you prefer to be socially active rather than hiding away at home all the time, then the library is a great place to mingle. And if you’re looking for homes in West Boca Raton, the library is a quick reference point for any information about the area you might need.

At West Boca Branch, the activities and groups for adults are wide-ranging. They include events where authors discuss their books, afternoon trivia contents, and group art lessons like pastels or watercolors.

These events help you pursue an interest or spark your creativity. Some sessions are first come, first served, while others require pre-registration. They are almost always free, though, and usually provide any needed materials.

Fun Activities for Kids and Grandkids

In addition to the engaging events for adults, the library also has plenty of entertaining events for children, from toddlers to teenagers. So if you have the grandkids in town and need to get them away from their screens for a while, take a look at the West Boca Branch offerings.

For the younger ages, they have various music and story time activities that will keep the little ones engaged. And as the kids get older, the library offers art, craft, and music sessions (sometimes all at once) to inspire the young artists and musicians in your care.

Even teenagers, perhaps the most mysterious age of all, can find something of interest in the activities designed to keep middle and high school students involved.

Plus, you can always spend some time browsing the stacks and check out a few books to keep them occupied during their visits.

In short, if you or your children or grandchildren enjoy reading, there are always at least 3 reasons to visit the West Boca Library.


Overall, the Palm Beach County Library System is a terrific service for the community, and the West Boca Raton Branch helps enrich the lives of nearby residents, from babies to retirees (and anyone in between).

And it is just one of many perks of living in West Boca Raton. If you are interested in the area and are looking for homes in west Boca Raton, contact the Jablon Team today to schedule a viewing.


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