7 Summer House Maintenance Ideas

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Cleaning is a time to tidy up and revitalize your home’s interior. But homeowners have an extra responsibility when it comes to home maintenance. By following a few simple steps this summer, you can help preserve your investment whether you are planning to sell soon or live in your home for years to come. 1) Test and maintain your HVAC …


5 Tax Deductions Every Homeowner Should Look Into Before Filing

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For most of us (except for accountants) tax season isn’t a joyous occasion. However, sometimes there’s some good news for homeowners built into it. Check out these deductions to see if your home can minimize your bill from Uncle Sam. 1) Mortgage Interest The mortgage interest deduction is the most familiar perk for homeowners when it comes to filing your …

How to Evaluate a Home

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Every homebuyer wants to know all the pros and cons of a house before buying it. Although it is a very subjective decision, and varies from one buyer to another, there are common things to consider when evaluating a house: The entrance of the home is a very important item, because it catches a visitor’s eye from the very first …